Fantastic Fuel Optimizer

Reduces emissions, fuel consumption and improves performance.

Oxytane® Fuel Optimizer

Reduce Consumption, Emissions and improve performance. Oxytane’s static charge reduction minimises the molecular interference within the fuel as it flows. The result is a denser, more energy-efficient fuel that permits more of the energie within the fuel to be available for use by the engine creating a more complete combustion.


Oxytane® is re-examining what roles our modern fuels play in the combustion cycle, and how we can liberate more energie from those fuels. Oxytane® can be used on any hydrocarbon fuel such as petrol, diesel, bio‐fuel, and pre‐mix. It keeps the engine running longer and more efficiently while it reduces emissions. No hydrocarbon propelled engine is too small or too big for Oxytane®.


A focus on R&D and innovation, combined with the recognised high quality of our product, means that whatever your industry or application, Oxytane® keeps your business moving forward. A responsible investor bases their investment decisions on information about environmental impacts, social responsibility and good governance, as well as their relation to return on investment.

Oxytane® Proven Benefits

oxytane brændsstofforbrug


Oxytane® delivers an average of 20-40% less fuel consumption, ass fuel economy was one of the most important factors in the development of Oxytane®.

oxytane reduktion af emissioner


In 2025, the average CO2 emissions of new heavy duty vehicles will have to be 15% lower, Oxytane® reduces individual CO2 emissions by up to 40%

oxytane ydelsesboost


Oxytane® is an engineered electrolyte chemistry and offers great value to you engine’s overall performance, consumption, emissions and longevity.

motor vibration


Oxytane® reduced engine vibration and noise (Harmonics) by optimising fuel burn.

motor levetid


Its proven that wen using Oxytane® you prolong your engines lifespan significantly.

motor vedligeholdelse


Engine maintenance costs are heavily reduced by dosing Oxytane® to you fuel.

oxytane økonomi test


Institutional test results and fuel economy drop rate:

1 liter oxytane® = 5000 liter brændstof.


Our test result are backed by client testimonials

The consumption per filling where recorded, and start/stop hours measured against similar hours previously run on the untreated fuel. There was a huge saving of 38% This is a good initiative and i would urge we go ahead and administer the additive to save in high fuel cost for our generator.

This testimonial is to certify that the company derived a lot of benefit from the usage of oxytane® fluid additive product. The maintenance team used the product for a period of 30 days and observed that the company saved a minimum of 20% twenty percent of diesel cost during the trial period.

A total of seven data points used for the analytics is relatively small and consequently being used to provide directional information only. A lower fuel consumption was remarkably experienced by the operator from the rates of the manual tank filling. We got a consistent level of 32,9% saving from our projection.

We performed a couple of test runs, each over a minimum 5 hours period using Oxytane® in accordance with instructions on the product We observed savings of 30 40% on fuel consumption when the product was used. The generator, a 17KVA Perkins generator was run on full load during the exercise We hereby attest the efficiency of this product with regard to fuel savings in generator and recommend it to all parties.

The usage of Oxytane® to our fuel for longer periods have yielded savings high above the 20%. These tests are made from a 17.65 hours run. This is huge confirmation of the supposed savings as per Oxytane® document. Based on the above and extensive analysis and results. I highly recommend the use of Oxytane® for al Genset Sites. Looking forward to optimise al our actief Gensets.

The African Regent lintel has two 500kva generator sets as buck-up power supply. We recently used oxytane® fluid additive in our diesel generator over a period of 60 days and the result is amazing. Our fuel consumption has reduced significantly to above 20%. We have resorted to intensify oxytane usage and hope to further reduce our fuel consumption and improve engine performance. I recommend oxytane® to all heavy duty gen-sets users.